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VuWing isn't the first product designed to work as an airplane phone holder, there are others that use clamps or some sort of hook, and then there are those that required skilled folding maneuvers. When our founder started looking at all of these, there was often a concern for device safely, and of course longevity. 

In this article, we review a few of these options and contrast those to VuWing (with bias). 

The FlimFlam (not its real name)

airplane phone holder


A super convenient, flat flexible piece of metal covered in foam. The use case is to fold it into a curve allowing your phone to balance freely on a shelf while locking one portion into the seat back tray section. It's a design that works in its most basic form - a shelf or stand.


  1. The flat design is super convenient to pack and transport.
  2. The foam covering is soft to prevent scratches on your device.
  3. It supports phones and some smaller tablet sizes easily.
  4. You can balance your device vertically or horizontally.
  5. Cheap, less than $10 


  1. Requires a tray system to hold in place - this mean you cannot use the tray for anything else.
  2. It is constructed with a flexible metal core, and we all know that when you bend metal back and forth enough times, it will eventually break.
  3. The foam covering will dry, rub off and is difficult to clean.
  4. It's a shelf, any turbulence and you'd likely find your phone on the floor three rows back.


The RimShot (not it's real name)

airplane phone holderOverview:

Comes with its own storage satchel, the RimShot clamps into place and still provides you a place to hold a small beverage. Provides added device support top and bottom and accommodates many phone and tablet sizes. For some reason, I keep thinking about basketball every-time I see it, hm?


  1. Handy travel satchel make it easy to locate in your carry-on.
  2. Braces your device top and bottom.
  3. Supports phones and tablets.
  4. Holds devices vertically or horizontally.
  5. Holds a beverage.


  1. Requires a tray system to hold in place - this mean you cannot use the tray for anything else. (not including their resent 'car adapter')
  2. Hard plastic, keep it in the satchel so it doesn't scratch anything else in your carry-on.
  3. Includes ties and fastening adjustments which can break.
  4. It holds a beverage... because you really want anything liquid right next to your phone. (I'll give them a small break here because you end up losing the tray so they did figure out a partial work around)
  5. Device and a bunch of accessories you are going to lose for $30


The FlyFlip (still... not its real name)


airplane phone holderA quick, small apparatus that supports your mobile device while again locked up in a tray system. Comes with a handy travel satchel. Adjustable tensioners support the top and bottom of your device while in use and it comes in a wide range of colors.


  1. Cheap at about $5 or $10 for the "+"
  2. Comes with a handy satchel and external clip so you can hang it from something else, I guess?
  3. Braces your device top and bottom.
  4. Supports phones and tablets.
  5. Holds devices vertically or horizontally.


  1. Requires a tray system to hold in place - this mean you cannot use the tray for anything else.
  2. Hard plastic, keep it in the satchel so it doesn't scratch anything else in your carry-on.
  3. Includes ties and fastening adjustments which can break.

Okay, I'm kinda tired of talking about these, but you can likely Google for them to get more info if you are interested. Now - let's talk about VuWing!


VuWing (its real name!)

Overview:airplane phone holder, handsfree phone holder, travel phone holder, vuwing

Providing a convenient way to view your phone while traveling, but not just on planes, also on trains, buses and more. Developed from a single, flexible and durable form of soft rubberized plastic, it is made to last and accommodate a wide range of devices.


  1. It packs flat making it convenient to toss in any carry-on. You'll likely forget that it's even in there until you need it.
  2. It is flexible and softly self-tensions down to your device securing it from the top and bottom.
  3. Made from a dynamically vulcanized elastomer, aka, rubberized plastic, it's soft to the touch and wont scratch dedicated glass surfaces.
  4. It's light weight, at just over 2oz.
  5. Multiple use cases!
    1. Hang it from the headrest seat back pocket or magazine bin, the wing portion can even be curled to apply more stability for those large pocket openings.
    2. Lock it up in a tray like everyone else's - when you run out of options, sometimes you just have to use the tray.
    3. Slid the wing into the seat back handle on a charter bus.
    4. Hang from luggage handles, pockets or straps.
    5. Rest flat on counters, tables and bars.
  6. Supports all mobile phones up to 3.5" wide.


1. Only supports mobile phones.

Statistics show that the mobile device market is overwhelmingly owned by smartphones at over 92% in the USA alone. Tables make up about 7% and are declining since mobile phones have gone full screen and a bit larger with the new Plus/Pro sizes. The convenience of smartphones will likely dominate the mobile market for years to come.

2. Only horizontal

It's true, the VuWing doesn't support vertical hold, it was specifically designed to watch movies and TV while traveling, therefore, keeping it at a wide-screen angle seemed reasonable. Additionally, mobile devices are moving to vertical app screens so using your device in horizontal mode will likely become pretty common.

3. Kinda long

We've gone back and forth on this for years, the wing extends about 5.5" down from your phone while in use. This wing was designed to provide surface resistance inside those pockets, bins or seat backs, it is also flexible to curl for added stability in larger openings. Although we've considered shorting it, we believe the length provides the best options by increasing its purpose through many commercial modes of transportation.

4. It's not $5

True, VuWing MSRP's for $19.99. The value is in its formulation for durability and longevity. VuWing is built to last for years to come. At least you'll have one accessory you wont have to upgrade with your new phone this year.

We've done our best to help address a need discovered in common commercial travel accommodations. We know you have many choices when it comes to your handsfree airplane phone holder needs and hope you see the value and flexibility of choosing VuWing! Thank you so much for reading through this biased review, and happy travels - wherever they may be!


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