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When you are on the go, VuWing helps you to go handsfree whenever you need it. Insert your phone and slip it into any airline, train, or bus seat pouch or use with locked tray tables, extendable luggage handles, or even flat on counters. The VuWing Travel Phone Holder is so slim it easily fits in your expertly-sized carry-on or even your back pocket. Watch whatever, wherever you like.


Whether it's a short hop with lay overs, or the coast-to-coast red-eye. Now you can be ready to binge watch from the terminal through the end of your journey handsfree. Grab an extra beverage and pretzels, kick back and get comfortable in your space, we got you!


Next time you travel, let VuWing hold the phone for the kids instead of you. Finally you can reclaim you hands and finish your latte, flip through the magazines or simply cross your arms... your welcome.

Get Comfortable

The VuWing Travel Phone Holder was designed to improve your personal device entertainment experience. One simple holder that packs flat and works with any cell phone from the beginning, through the end of your travel journey, no matter where you are going or how you get there. VuWing elevates your eyes which helps to relax your neck and straighten your head while viewing from an upright position, freeing up painful tension and reducing body strain from being hunched over for hours.

Check out our VuWing Users Guide.


  • One piece, flat design for easy packing and traveling
  • Flexible to fit any smart phone, no upgrades needed here
  • Strong horizontal hold for optimal binge-watching
  • Soft rubberized plastic doesn't harm glass surfaces
  • No adapters or modifications needed!
    That's zero bulky clamps, no yucky stickers or tape, and no failing suction cups or annoying magnets

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