VuWing Travel Phone Holder


Product Description

VuWing is a flexible travel phone holder specifically designed for hands-free use on aircraft, trains, buses and more. While waiting for departure, hang from luggage handles, pouches and straps; you can even lay it flat on counters, bars, tables and trays. With a slim design, its easy to pack in a carry-on, or shove it in your back pocket. 

VuWing is the ONLY travel specific phone holder with so many uses... we believe it's "The PERFECT Travel Phone Holder" and hope you will too!


  • Thin design makes it easy to pack and use
  • Strong and flexible, built to adapt and last
  • Holds device in a fixed wide-screen (horizontal) format
  • Soft rubberized thermoplastic to help prevent marring and scratching of glass surfaces
  • Does not required adapters or modifications; no clams, stickers, suction cups or magnets.

Made in the USA

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