We’re People On The Go

And that’s why we created VuWing.
Founded in 2019.

We know what it’s like to travel multiple times a week for business and all of the pains that come along with it. Going without the proper entertainment or having to hold your phone for six hours straight just doesn’t cut it. 

From boarding delays to serious binge-watching plans, VuWing is expertly designed in one flat, flexible piece so that your journeys are mishap-free (at least when it comes to great entertainment).

Founded and developed by David S. Gilbert, our vision is to improve your personal device entertainment experience as the first travel specific mobile phone holder built to accommodate planes, trains and busses. We believe in the simplicity of one universal, easy to use device that can be used from the beginning through the end of your journey. We have made it our primary design goal to provide a device that accommodates your phone, and travel needs, yet remain durable, safe and easy to use.

Our story is a simple one, born from frequent travelers that just needed something to remain hands free during the journey, wherever it took us. Welcome Aboard!

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