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Watch Steaming Movies or TV, Handsfree While You Travel.

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Bringing entertainment to your fingertips

Throughout your journey, VuWing brings entertainment to your fingertips. Use on planes, trains, busses, hang from luggage handles and pockets or rest on flat surfaces to prop up your device. There are endless ways to use the versatile VuWing.

vuwing travel phone holder inserted in a cabin airplane headrest
vuwing travel phone holder on luggage watching moves at airport in terminal waiting area

Boarding delays don’t have to be boring

VuWing let’s you comfortably watch whatever you want from your phone, wherever you are. And you can even hang it from your extendable luggage handles. Fly, right?

Your double latte doesn’t have to double as a phone stand

Your caffeinated beverage is meant to be enjoyed, not leaned on. Let VuWing secure your phone so you can binge-watch on your way coast-to-coast.

vuwing travel phone holder laying flat on a counter watching a movie with coffee

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