The PERFECT Travel Cell Phone Holder

Headrest Pocket

VuWing secures and holds your cell phone for inflight entertainment!

Tray Lock

Use VuWing in reverse to lock your mobile device in a tray system.

Hang on Luggage

Use on luggage handles, straps and rests for hands free use while waiting.

Counters and Bars

Let VuWing prop up your phone instead of your coffee!

Travel Cell Phone Holder

VuWing is a cell phone holder that secures your device for hands free enjoyment, elevating your device for a more optimal viewing angle to improve your travel experience. The unique flexible grip adapts to your phone while holding it safely secured during bumps and turbulence. The VuWing travel phone holder is easy to pack and use on airplanes, trains, busses, countertops, tables, bars, and even hanging from bags, luggage handles and pouches. Learn more about VuWing and its many uses and health benefits.

Take control of your entertainment experience today!

Your Health

Using your hands to hold your device for a prolonged time places your neck at an uncomfortable angle, let’s fix that!

VuWing Store

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The thin, compact design is easy to travel with, taking up very little space in your carry-on luggage or easily stuffed it in a back pocket. Our travel phone holder is a single device construction without complicated attachments, stickers, magnets or cumbersome clamping systems. 

Toss it in your laptop bag, carry-on or purse so you are always ready to enjoy your entertainment hands free!


Easy as using your own hand and designed for travelers of all ages. The VuWing travel phone holder’s gripping action secures mobile devices in a wide screen format, accommodating many slim-fit cases and attached phone accessories. The long wing acts as a stabilizer further stabilizing your device during vibrations, road bumps and turbulence.


When designing the VuWing cell phone holder, device safety was a primary concern and we think that’s been achieved by positioning your mobile device in a manner that doesn’t interfere with its surroundings or you. Providing unrestricted access to important inflight safety information while elevating viewing to improve neck and spine health. 


Some aircraft and trains don’t have headrest seat back pockets, but the thin design of the VuWing allows use with the tray system locked in place.


On trains, lock the VuWing up with the tray system or simply slip it in the tray bar or handle. There are more ways to enjoy your mobile entertainment on the go with VuWing!


Either draped from a backpack, pocket, pouch or roller luggage, VuWing secures your entertainment while you wait.

First Impressions

I now carry the VuWing on every trip. It’s slim and light, yet sturdy, and provides a ton of convenience for the frequent traveler.

Robert F.