VuWing Users Guide

the back of a airplane cabin seat showing the literature bin with a vuwing travel phone holder installed with an iphone watching a movie

VuWing Travel Phone Holder


  1. Open. Insert. Use.
  2. Airplane Headrest Pockets
  3. Airplane & Train Tray Systems
  4. Charter Bus Handles
  5. Luggage Handles

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1. OPEN : To prepare the VuWing for use, simply pull down on the top resting arm to open the device to slide your phone into place. Do not over extend as this would increase wear and decrease its hold strength while in use. 

hand opening the vuwing by pulling down on the tensioning arm 

2. INSERT : Slide you phone into place between the upper and lower grippers so that it rests naturally on the shelves and holds firm when let go.

 hands inserting an iphone in the vuwing travel phone holder

3. USE : Check to make sure your phone is secured and doesn’t slide back and forth. Adjust the phone to be centered in the holder. Removing the phone case or accessories may be required for a perfect fit.

 vuwing travel phone holder with iphone installed

Airplane Headrest Pockets

vuwing with phone in airplane headrest pocket

In place of headrest entertainment systems, airlines are simply installing literature bins for magazines, newspapers and safety information at the passengers eye level. This is great for that easy to access information, even with the tray system is down. 

Once your phone has been properly secured in the VuWing, simply slip the wing portion into the bin, allowing the phone and holder to drape over the outer edge of the bin. It is usually not necessary to remove any material from the bin.

Please keep all safely information available for easy access and reference, VuWing should not interfere with literature access; if you believe that it does, please do not use the device in this manner and refer to other options as listed below.


Airplane & Train Tray Systems

vuwing with phone in airplane tray system

Tray systems vary in height across aircraft and train designs, VuWing has been engineered to account for mid to high leveled trays. Once your phone has been properly secured in the VuWing, proceed with one of the below options.

vuwing with iphone in tray lock system label side downwards

When the tray is positioned "high" on the seat back in front of you:

  • Unlatch the tray and lower it a few inches.
  • Slide the wing between the tray and seat (product label up), allowing it to drape over the tray.
  • Close and latch the tray. Some adjustment may be required for a secure fit.


vuwing with iphone in tray lock system label side upwards

In some instances, the tray system is positioned lower on the seat back, or for an alternative viewing angle, reverse before inserting.

  • Unlatch the tray and lower it a few inches.
  • Turn the VuWing away from you and slide the wing into place (product label down), allowing it to drape over the tray.
  • Close and latch the tray. Some adjustment may be required for a secure fit.



Charter Bus Handles

vuwing with phone on coach bus handle

Many Charter busses have installed seat back handles to allow customers easier accessibility to enter and exit a seated position.  Once safely seated, secure your phone properly in the VuWing and slide the wing portion through the seat back handle allowing it to drape over the handle. The wing portion will extend below the handle and provide device stability against the seat.



Luggage Handles

 vuwing with phone on luggage handle

Due to the vast differences in luggage designs, not all options will be available for this position. For alternate uses, please refer to the “Troubleshooting” section below.

Once your phone has been properly secured in the VuWing, position your luggage handle to its lowest setting. Keeping the handle unlock button pressed in, place the VuWing over the handle and raise/lower the handle until the VuWing rests securely holding both the handle and phone in position.


Troubleshooting / Hacks

We have strived to account for many scenarios; however, we realize that travel accommodations differ like cars on a busy highway. Therefore, we have provided some additional "hacks" to extend the use of your VuWing.


Big Bin?

“On my recent flight, I noticed the literature bin in the headrest pocket was huge! I mean it was like the Grand Canyon, I couldn’t stuff enough things into it prevent the VuWing from sliding around.“

hand holding vuwing travel phone hold for airplane handsfree curling the tail for added resistance

This is where the “wing” really comes in handy. Simply curl the wing to the front before inserting into the pocket. The curled wing will flex outwards once inserted to apply additional force for added stability.


Luggage handle frustrations?

“I bought new travel luggage and the handle simply won’t extend to the correct (low) position to secure the VuWing and phone"… or maybe "I just want my phone higher for better viewing.”vuwing-on-luggage-handle-with-rubber-band

Great! Simply pop out a rubber band and wrap it around the handle, once it’s in a locked position, drape the VuWing over the handle and slide the wing between the rubber band loop, use 2 rubber bands for even more stability.


Better viewing angle?

"On a recent flight, the headrest pocket was located at the very top of the seat. The VuWing fit in it, but the angle was too high. How can I fix that?"

Great question! We too recently ran into this situation, luckily I had a small empty bottle of water on me. In this rare use case, remove a plastic bottle cap and slide it behind the back brace on your VuWing, this adding 'lift' will divert the angle down.

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