I love to travel.

Growing up in a small town somewhere on the western edge of Ohio, my mother struggled to pay the bills and put food on the table, but whenever she could we would take a trip. Maybe it was just to some far off cavern, park, lake or even a drive-in movie. The enjoyment of being out and going to destinations unknown was always exciting. 

Reaching adulthood, I knew I wanted to see more of the world so I enlisted into the U.S. Navy and did just that. Service to my country was rewarding on many fronts, yet the unforgettable journeys and friendships are forever in my heart. After leaving the service, I longed to continue my relationship with travel - seeing new things and adding new experiences.

What I have come to not like about travel is the 'traveling' part, packing the right suitcase, rushing to the airport, lines, security checkpoints, and of course the relentless hours in a small cramped seat. Like many of us, I started watching wifi streamed and TV on my phone as a distraction, an escape from the monotonous "traveling".

Recently I've notice my fingers going numb from hold my phone while resting my elbow on the armrest for hours. I've also dropped my phone on the floor and pulled a muscle trying to get it back while buckled in. I've spilled stuff on my phone, dropped it on my food and even lost it in the magazine bin. I've juggled it around until it slipped where some weird jerking reflex would end up knocking my tray all over me and the passengers near me. I'm sorry!

This is why I created VuWing, it lets me travel, without distractions, everywhere I am and anywhere I go. I made it flat so I forget that it's even there until I need it, never in they way. I watch what I want, when I want, how I want and where I want... all hands free.  I designed VuWing with the frequent traveler (like myself) in mind, I believe it's the perfect travel phone holder.

Now we can all enjoy and remember our experience of travel without the burden of "traveling".