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Where can I find it?

Currently VuWing can only be purchased from our website store.

What colors are available?

Currently VuWing will only be offered in black. Black is believed to be less intrusive to the common media device, this is why it was selected. In the future we may offer other colors.

How do you clean it?

If needed, some mild soap and water should be all that is required. Any chemical cleaners or extreme heat (dishwashers) will break down the product over time and cause it to fail.

Why was it developed?

As a frequent traveler, holding a cell phone for hours watching movies was a pain in the neck! I couldn’t find an exisiting device that was simple, compact and multipurpose. VuWing was designed to accomidate most travel siturations for hands free enjoyment of your cell phone.

Will it go retail?

If you are a retailer and you are interested in carrying our product, please contact Sales & Marketing. If you are an individual, I recommend visiting our website product page.

Retail options may not be available until 2020

I love it! What about custom branding?

VuWing lends itself very well to customized branding with plenty of surface area for lables and custom stickers. Contact us for information!

Minimum quantities apply. 

Where will it be shipped?

VuWing is made and fulfilled from the United States, we currently ship within the USA and Canada.

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