2018, Virginia, U.S.A


David S. Gilbert – Founder/Inventor
Cameron Tousi – Legal Counsel
Ellen Lovelidge – Brand Manager
Quinn Pritchard – 3D Production
Bruce Gehrman – Product Engineer
Eli Atalla – Product Engineer
Jon Fox – Designer & Illistrator
Petra Jezkova – Photographer
Eric Brockob – Photographer


A United States based company focused on personal mobile entertainment viewing [VuWing] solutions. VuWing products greatly simplify your travel entertainment, setting your trip up for a more enjoyable experience. Launching first on Indiegogo in 2019, success is predicted too rapidly ignite a new market of product offerings.

Those involved in the project set out one goal, too perfect traveling with a mobile phone. Our founding product is focused on the complexities of mobile phone retainment across the majority of situations today. We believe that we have delivered a product which meets and exceeds some critical design areas; where others have fallen sort. First, a single unit without mechanical parts, or reliances on additional parts or comprised of multiple pieces. Second, a solution that offers the least amount of burden to transport, taking the least amount of space in baggage or pockets. Third, be easy to use, yet elevate the users view to increase comfort and spinal health.

Enjoy your trip with VuWing!


Prototype Journey 

VuWing started; in concept, in 2017. Since then a few variants have been conceived and evaluated. When prototyping began in 2018, it became apparent that the vision should be based on one simple concept. Easy. Previous models included hinges, magnets or multiple sections with a clamp. When it came down to the final concept, the “Flex” design was the most versatile and flat out… easy.¬† We hope you enjoy the VuWing, we have enjoyed bringing it to you.